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Super Hair Removal – SHR - Pain Free Laser Hair Removal


Courses available to get free treatments

Treatment Time Cost per session
Consultation (redeemable off treatment) 30 mins  £15 
Eyebrows(middle) 15 mins £40
Cheeks 15 mins £40
Neck 15 mins £40
Upper Lip 15 mins  £50
Chin 15 mins  £50
Side Burns 15 mins  £40
Forehead 15 mins  £40
Full Face 45 mins  £140
Mens Beard 45 mins  £140
Bikini Standard 30 mins  £80
Brazilian (incl. bum 45 mins  £130
Hollywood (incl. bum) 45 mins  £160
Bum 30 mins  £90
Underarm 15 mins  £80
Half Arm 30 mins  £90
Full Arm 45 mins  £150
Upper/Lower Back 30 mins  £90
Full Back 45 mins  £160
Shoulders 15 mins  £80
Chest (Top) 30 mins  £100
Full Front 45 mins  £160
Stomach 15 mins  £100
Navel/Nipple 15 mins  £60
Half Leg (top 30 mins  £160
Half Leg (bottom) 30 mins  £160
Full Leg 60 mins  £280
Inner Thigh 30 mins  £90
Hands 15 mins  £60
Feet 15 mins  £60
Finger 15 mins  £40
Toes 15 mins  £40

Introducing Super Hair Removal

Introducing Super Hair Removal (Virtually) Pain Free and affordable Laser Hair Removal.SHR works differently to IPL hair removal by slowly heating the dermis to a temperature that effectively damages the hair follicles and prevents re-growth.

SHR delivers low energy light (610-950nm) via rapid "pulses" - (5 per second) to gently, effectively and efficiently traumatise the hair stem cells thus preventing re-growth. Research has shown that this gentle & incremental heating process is more efficient than the high intensity & high temperatures (70c) that are associated with IPL/laser, delivering better results in the treatment of permanent hair reduction. The direct to target delivery of SHR requires a comparatively low terminal temperature (45c) to be clinically effective, with little or no trauma to surrounding tissue, offering pain free and safer treatments

Treatment with SHR is practically painless. On areas with dense hair growth, warmth from the light impulses is evoked and the light impulses may be felt to a much lesser extent than with laser or IPL.

Treats All Skin Types & Tanned Skin.

SHR gradually heats the skin until the required level is delivered directly to the hair follicle without causing trauma to skin that contains high pigment count or dark skin types. This unique targeted approach also allows for increased treatment results in fair skin and blonde hair. The unique way that SHR affects the melanin directly in the hair follicle allows for treatments at any time of year - even on tanned skin.

Active Skin Cooling Treatment efficiency and client comfort is further enhanced with ASC. The incorporated advanced and adjustable water cooling allows for head pieces to be chilled to -4˚ c. ASC enhances clinical results, whilst ensuring no discomfort or epidermal damage to clients, even for the darkest skin types.


24 hour patch test required

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Call now for more information on 0207 404 8808



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